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Safely give with your Donor Advised Fund wherever you give.

DAFpay is the fast, secure, and reliable way to donate with your Donor Advised Fund

Trusted by the world's leading nonprofits

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Donor Advised Fund

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Make your DAF gifts in just three clicks

DAFpay saves you minutes of time per gift, with average to complete a DAF donation in just 15 seconds


Use your Donor Advised Fund in more places

DAFpay works directly in any donation form for any nonprofit - so you don’t have to go through your DAF platform to make a gift



Always know where your DAF gifts are

With DAFpay’s gift tracker, you have full transparency on the status of a Donor Advised Fund grant


Give from 1,100+ Donor Advised Fund providers

DAFpay's enables you to give from nearly any Donor Advised Fund account.

Safe and sound. And secure.

DAFpay’s tracking capabilities, digital transfers and data security make it the safest way to give with your DAF



Prevent loss
and fraud.

DAFpay’s tracking capabilities, digital transfers and data security make it the safest way to give with your DAF


More impact, faster.

DAFpay saves nonprofits valuable processing & administrative time by transfering all DAF gifts with the right data
  • How do I use DAFpay?
    You can use DAFpay in 3 easy clicks on any donation form where you see the DAFpay button. You enter your login credentials for your Donor Advised Fund account, confirm your gift size and submit.
  • Do I need to do anything to set up DAFpay?
    You can use DAFpay with your existing Donor Advised Fund account. There’s no additional set up required to starting using DAFpay and you don’t need to create a new username and password.
  • How secure is DAFpay?
    DAFpay is built and operated with comprehensive security tools and compliance protocols in accordance with all applicable regulations related to data privacy and protection. None of your DAF account information is recorded by DAFpay or shared with any parties. Because your transaction is processed by DAFpay Network and sent electronically to the nonprofit you’re supporting, your gift is more secure than when sent via checks in the mail to each nonprofit, which is prone to loss, theft, fraud and human entry errors. By using DAFpay, both the donor and the nonprofit are able to track gifts in real time for the first time ever.
  • How can I track my gift with DAFpay?
    After you complete your DAF grant with DAFpay, you’ll receive an email with a unique tracking number. You can use that tracking number in the “Track My Gift” section of this website to see the precise status of your gift.
  • How will my gifts through DAFpay show up for nonprofit recipients?
    Nonprofits will see in their own dashboards the details of your gift immediately when it’s made through DAFpay. They’ll see the gift size, the Donor Advised Fund it’s coming from, and your name and email, so long as you did not give anonymously. They are also able to see the same gift status details as the donor does when they track a gift through DAFpay.
  • Which Donor Advised Funds work with DAFpay?
    DAFpay supports enhanced Donor Advised Fund giving from all 1,151 DAFs and is compatible with over 70% of the DAF market by volume.
  • Which nonprofit organizations use DAFpay?
    Over 7,000 nonprofits use DAFpay to enhance their DAF fundraising efforts, including some of the countries largest and most recognized organizations like American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen, Michael J. Fox Foundation and Peta.
  • Does it cost me extra as a donor to use DAFpay?
    There is no expense for a donor to use DAFpay. Nonprofit organizations pay for the DAFpay feature in their donation forms or on their websites through a variety of packages that can include a processing fee and/or a subscription cost, depending on what best meets their needs.
  • What are the benefits to nonprofits of using DAFpay?
    Soliciting and receiving donor advised fund donations has always been a confusing and cumbersome process for nonprofits. DAFpay helps them: Raise more money by making DAF giving as easy as possible for supporters. Build stronger relationships with donors that give with a DAF by thanking them immediately and making an impact faster with their gift, thanks to electronic funds transfers from DAFpay. Eliminate the administrative hassle of manually receiving and entering DAF gifts as checks in the mail.
  • How will my gifts through DAFpay show up in my DAF portal?
    When you log into your Donor Advised Fund account, most grants initiated through the DAFpay button will appear as they typically do - under the nonprofit organization's name. Some organizations choose to receive their gifts via the “DAFpay Network.” DAFpay Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves as a payment facilitator for DAFpay and processes gifts to reach the nonprofit you’re supporting faster and safer. If a gift was sent through the DAFpay Network, you can click into the details of the gift to see the specific nonprofit organization that the gift supported.
  • Can I talk to someone if I have more questions about DAFpay?
    Absolutely, you can email us at and we’ll respond as soon as possible to address any questions or problems you’re encountering.

Questions? Answers.

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